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What is a Board Member?

November 17th, 2009

Sharon SmithYoung people might ask:  “Why should I be on a Non-Profit Board?  It sounds boring and I would rather be doing ‘hands on’ work.”  Well, there are lots of reasons.  I have been on many Boards over the 23 years of my legal career.  As a lawyer, it seems almost expected that I should serve on boards.  I have also, done “hands on” community work too.  I think both are important for the community and for our own personal development as a caring and productive member of society.

However, I think that one of the roles of a Board is to reflect the broad spectrum of the community we serve.  We need the perspective and creative ideas of our younger generation.  I think I have learned much from both ends of the age continuum.  I think we can all learn from people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Besides, it is fun and rewarding to do good public work.

To those of you just starting your working life, I challenge you to be involved.  Pick a board and volunteer!  You will not regret it.
–Sharon Smith, Deschutes Children’s Foundation Board Member

Deschutes Children's Foundation Staff Reflections

November 4th, 2009

leavesAs we move into a new phase of leadership at Deschutes Children’s Foundation, the staff would like to say a few words about Jan Eggleston and what we are looking forward to with our new director, Kim McNamer.

I will sincerely miss working with Jan. She has taught me so much in the time that I’ve been with the organization and has been a great leader. I’m really looking forward to learning from Kim, as I know that she has so much to share with Deschutes Children’s Foundation. I am excited about a new adventure with Kim guiding our organization to great things. I know that we will all make Jan proud of us in what we accomplish together.
Heather Crawley, Administrative Assistant

I look forward to taking what I have learned from Jan’s years of expertise of DCF events and combining them with Kim’s fresh ideas.  I think this will put an exciting twist on the DCF traditions!
–Erica Poulos, Event and Development Coordinator

I look forward to meeting Kim and her many talents.  I’m sure this will be a smooth transition for all of us even though Jan is leaving big shoes to fill.  In my years at DCF I have learned that “change is good” from Jan herself.  Welcome Kim – a great team has chosen you and we look forward to new ventures.
Dona Curtis, Facility Manager, Becky Johnson Community Center

It’s been such a pleasure learning about  Deschutes Children’s Foundation, and what Jan has accomplished in her years with the program.  I look forward to getting to know Kim, and I am excited to hear her plans and ideas for the future of DCF!  Welcome, Kim!
Tracie Kirzy, Facility Manager, East Bend Campus

I am sad Jan is leaving, but I know she is going to enjoy her retirement. I will miss her very much.  On the other hand, I am looking forward to the future with Kim at the forefront.  I’m sure our future will be very bright and long-lasting.  Welcome Kim!
–Sharon VanWormer, Facility Manager, La Pine Community Campus

Working with Jan has been an adventure and a privilege.  Jan’s vision for the foundation has always been her driving force and she has brought the organization thru some exciting and challenging times.  I wish her well as she faces new experiences.  We’ll miss her much but rest assured she’s leaving us in good hands. 
Yvonne Dahl, Bookkeeper