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Art and Wine Auction-Rod Frederick

April 30th, 2010

Coming Home by Rod Frederick

The serene outdoors seem at odds with the wild and crazy character of this artist, who is as famous for his paintings as he is for his sense of humor and gaudy shirts! If seen on his constant excursions into the wilds, many a collector would tell of an eccentric pirate come to life, only this swashbuckling, seemingly fearless explorer was more anxious to gain and share the treasure of knowledge rather than riches.

“I grew up in a house full of pets,” he says. “My mom had a degree in fine arts and although my dad was a lawyer, he was a weekend painter.” So his love of animals and art was sown early (also inspired when he received a gift of Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds) and he attended Willamette University with a major in art and a minor in biology. “So I could know my subjects outside and in,” he says. He put that education to good use as he embarked on a fine art career that would allow him to do what he enjoyed most; explore and learn. Frederick built his house in the middle of the Oregon wilderness and filled it with birds and animals. He’s hiked and camped in mountains and forests throughout the northwest U.S., Central America and East Africa. He knows the lakes and mountains as well as he knows the plains and deserts, not to mention almost all the creatures who live there, from the smallest bird to the largest elephant. And he will paint them on whatever size canvas suits them best. In addition to his peaceful views of animals in their natural habitats, he is also known for his paintings’ many different sizes and shapes—each chosen to best suit his perfectly balanced images of wildlife and wilderness.

Check out Rod’s painting in person, as well as one of his gaudy shirts, at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction May 7th.

Art and Wine Auction-Brent Wright

April 29th, 2010

Furniture by Brent Wright

Born in 1977, raised on a ranch in Eastern Oregon outside of Heppner enabled Brent to be close with nature and have respect for the simple life ranchers/farmers have. He has always loved to create with his hands and build pieces out of recycled materials.  Brent has worked in sawmills, been a ranch-hand, welders helper, cabinet-maker, furniture-maker, and finish carpenter.  He has experienced the mountain life-styles in Whitefish, MT; Sun Valley, ID; and now in Bend, Oregon.  Through all of these experiences he has refined his skills and visions for the art he creates.

Brent incorporates many materials in his art; relief lacquer spray paintings, ceramics, metal, concrete and found objects. Brent’s influences include Asian, Shaker, Krenov, and Western.  Most of his pieces are functional art that is one-of-kind you won’t find anywhere else.  Brent resides here in Bend, works at Northland Furniture Co. as a Production Manager and is represented through Tumalo Art Co.

You can bid on Brent’s piece and more at the 18th Annual Deschutes Children’s Foundation Art and Wine Auction.

Art and Wine Auction-Dorothy Freudenberg

April 27th, 2010

Poppy Meditation by Dorothy Freudenberg

Dorothy originally entered the field of photography with a passion for black and white landscapes.  After relocating to Bend in the 90’s, she discovered a whole new art field –the digital darkroom, a place where her monochromatic world made a transition to brilliantly-colored, multi-layered pieces, built up layer by layer, while still using the camera to capture the individual pieces of her subject matter.  Now the finished pieces may bear little resemblance to the original external subjects and they come augmented with her artistic and metaphorical vision.  She is represented locally by Tumalo Art Co, Art on the Go, and Donterra Artworks in Sisters.

You can bid on Dorothy’s piece and more at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction.

Art and Wine Auction-Joe Elliot

April 26th, 2010

Artwork by Joe Elliot

Detail on Artwork by Joe Elliot

Joe has been a blacksmith for over 25 years.  He recently relocated his shop to Bend in the restored butcher shop on Greenwood.  At Dry Canyon Forge he and his helpers forge and join metals using traditional techniques.  The metals are fashioned into a variety of architectural detailing such as fireplace doors, lighting, gates, door hardware, furniture, and sculptures.  Their custom forgings have adorned many fine homes and public buildings throughout the Northwest including Broken Top, Sunriver Lodge, Pronghorn, Caldera, Timberline Lodge, and Crosswater.

You can bid on Joe’s iron coat tree at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction May 7th. Visit Deschutes Children’s Foundation for more details.

Art and Wine Auction-Tracy Leagjeld

April 22nd, 2010

Lupine Meadow by Tracy Leagjeld

Tracy Leagjeld was born and raised in Central Oregon.  “My art is a way to communicate and share with others my love and reverence for nature. Forests, meadows and deserts all have a different kind of energy.  I am not so concerned with capturing correct shape and color. I strive to create paintings that allow the viewer to put themselves into the painting and feel the spirit of the place.”

What is A Monotype? A monotype is a painting on paper whereby an original image is inked or painted onto a non-porous surface, such as a piece of plexiglass (called a plate), then transferred onto paper by laying a piece of paper over the painted surface and applying pressure. Typically a printing press is used although she hand “pulls” her prints meaning she doesn’t use a press. She applies pressure by hand until the ink it transferred to the paper (lots of elbow grease).  A monotype is a unique work of art, and like a painting, cannot be replicated. Tracy has a blog, which you can visit here.

You can bid on Tracy’s piece and others at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction May 7th. For more information, visit Deschutes Children’s Foundation.

Art and Wine Auction-Douglas Fine Jewelry

April 21st, 2010

Schiller Rain by Douglas Fine Jewelry

Starting with a custom cut Oregon Sunstone by gem artist Robert Fittro, husband and wife team Steven and Elyse Douglas collaborated to design and create this one of a kind pendant specifically for the Deschutes Children’s Foundation Art and Wine Auction.  Drawing on nearly 30 years experience in the studio together the Douglas’ began with Elyse’s initial sketches, then completed the piece employing cutting edge CAD/CAM and laser technology along with the oldest techniques and traditions of the jeweler’s craft.

The Douglas’ love affair with Oregon’s official state gem started about 10 years ago when they met the owners of the Dust Devil mine. Today the Douglas’ hold claims of their own in eastern Oregon near Plush where they travel several times each summer to collect rough gems.  Living in Bend since 1988 the Douglas’ are proud support the important work of the Deschutes Children’s Foundation from their downtown Bend studio and gallery: Douglas Fine Jewelry

A 14 karat yellow and white gold pendant featuring a custom cut Oregon Sunstone by gem artist Robert Fittro. The feature stone is a 4.39 carat red geometric cut with streaks of reflective copper shiller. Complimenting the feature stone is a .42 carat princess cut diamond and a custom cut shiller Oregon Sunstone bullet cabachon.  The one of a kind pendant was cast and constructed from six separate pieces that were soldered, laser welded and riveted together with the three main elements articulated so that the pendant moves when it’s worn. The pendant is suspended on a multi-strand gold color stainless steel neck wire with a Sterling Silver clasp.

You can bid on the Douglas’ piece and more at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction May 7th at the Riverhouse convention center.

Art and Wine Auction-Blue Spruce Pottery

April 20th, 2010

Hand Thrown, hand carved Raku pottery by Blue Spruce Pottery

Michael and Michele Gwinup are native Oregonians and long time Central Oregon residents.  In 1976, they moved to Bend and started their business, Blue Spruce Pottery

Over the years they have developed a line of Raku pottery that includes decorative vases, wall murals and lamps.  The large vase that was made for this auction was first formed on a potter’s wheel.  Later the decorative images were hand-carved into the surface of the clay.  The glazes were individually applied and the piece was fired in the Raku process. 

Locally, the Gwinups’ work can be found at Tumalo Art Company.  They can be contacted at their pottery studio in Bend and Don Terra in Sisters or on their website, linked above.

You and bid on the Blue Spruce Pottery and other works of art at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction on May 7th. Visit Deschutes Children’s Foundation website for more information.

Art and Wine Auction-Nancy Becker

April 19th, 2010

Harmony Series: A Duet in Glass and Stone by Nancy Becker

The Art and Wine Auction features art of all kinds. Today’s sneak peek is a piece by Nancy Becker.

Nancy Becker has been interested in glass since she was a kid when she made mosaics out of glass and beach sand.  She studied glass briefly in college and went on to work for a number of hot studios and factories where she mastered her skills.  She has owned and operated a hot glass studio since 1992.  Her body of work consists of blown, fused, and kin cast sculptural pieces.  Her work can be seen at Tumalo Art Company in Bend or at

Art and Wine Auction-Mary Marquiss

April 16th, 2010

Flourishing by Mary Marquiss

Mary Marquiss is a fifth generation Oregonian and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon.  She has been the signature artist for numerous special events, including the Deschutes Art and Wine Auction for her painting “Understated Elegance”. Marquiss teaches a range of art classes throughout Oregon with an emphasis on individual style. Her work is collected commercially and privately in Europe, Australia and the U.S. She is a founding member of the Tumalo Art Co. now located in The Old Mill District of Bend. 

Artist statement:  The inspiration for my art comes from growing up in the lush Oregon valley where natural beauty is abundant. My paintings emphasize color and contrast and move from a light, transparent whisper to strong pigment.  As both an artist and writer there is a story laced with symbolism behind every painting.  My subject matter ranges from the strength of a single flower, to the patina of an ancient stone cottage, a street scene in the heart of Paris, and a luscious still life with colorful produce.

You can bid on Mary’s piece at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction. For more information, visit


Art and Wine Auction-Mike Putnam

April 12th, 2010

Sparks Lake Sunrise by Mike Putnam

As the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction draws near, we’d like to give you a little preview of the auction artists. Today’s featured artist is Mike Putnam.

Fine Art landscape photographer, Mike Putnam has enjoyed a passion for the wonders of the natural world for his entire life.  After finishing his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Mike and his wife Debbie moved to their current home in Bend, Oregon.  The amazing beauty and diversity that help to define Central Oregon inspired Mike to become a professional landscape photographer.  As Mike exclusively utilizes a large format film camera his work has an artisan characteristic that is difficult to replicate with newer digital cameras.  The meticulous workflow required by his wooden 4×5 camera and the perspective control that it offers allow Mike to capture the depth and essence of the natural world.  Mike’s fine art prints can be found in countless corporate and private collections throughout the United States.  For more information about his beautiful photography, please visit his website at Mike Putnam Photography.

You can bid on Mike’s piece at the 18th Annual Art and Wine Auction on May 7th at the Riverhouse Convention Center. For tickets and more information, visit Deschutes Children’s Foundation.