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Art and Wine Auction-Bruce Jackson

May 7th, 2010

Speaking Fluent Aspen by Bruce Jackson

Born in 1951, Bruce Jackson grew up in farm country near Salem, Oregon.  A passion for skiing brought him to his present home of Bend, Oregon, in 1969.  While assisting legendary ski cinematographer Warren Miller at Mt. Bachelor in the winter of 1976, Bruce became inspired by the creative process of photography and purchased his first professional quality camera that fall.  As he had done with skiing, he immersed himself completely in photography.

In the years that followed, Jackson’s unique artistic style evolved through the creative process of photography, as his awe and reverence for Nature deepened.  Beginning in 1984 and continuing through the early 90’s,  Jackson created and marketed award winning fine art posters, including his famous Summit and Pine Marten prints of Mt. Bachelor, and the Mount Hood poster.  During this time, he continued to expand his artistic vision and in 1992, Bruce was awarded GRAND PRIZE in the SIERRA CLUB International Photography Competition. 

Today, Bruce’s fine art images grace numerous corporate offices, organizations and private homes throughout North America.  A partial list of Organizations and Corporations that have purchased Jackson’s photographs includes:  Ritz-Carlton, Coldwater Creek, Alaska Airlines, Bank of the Cascades, Sunset Magazine, Mt. Bachelor Inc., Morgan Stanley, The Sierra Club, Audubon, Oregon Tourism, Dean Witter and Brooks Resources.

When asked about ‘Speaking Fluent Aspen’, Bruce replied, “The year 2007 provided the most beautiful fall colors I’ve ever experienced in Central Oregon.  Having completed my high elevation fall photography, I focused on the aspens around Black Butte.  Day one consisted of brilliant sunny skies, hours of scouting, and culminated in two photographs after sunset.  I use a large format camera so the results of my efforts remained a mystery, resting as latent images on my 4”x5” film.  I was not satisfied.  The next day I awoke early to overcast skies.  Now that’s more like it!  Upon arriving, my greatest joy was realized.  The aspens were glowing in perfect light, with no wind.  Soon I was zeroing in on my composition, having paid my dues the day before.  I   completed a horizontal composition.  Get closer, get closer, my intuition kept telling me.  I surrendered, and it was then my vision shone as 30 years of experience coalesced into…Speaking Fluent Aspen.”

Bruce chose to contribute edition # 1/45 (traditionally reserved for himself) for the Deschutes Children’s Foundation Art and Wine Auction as “a symbolic reminder of placing children’s basic needs as a top priority in our community”.

Art and Wine Auction-Ken Roth

May 6th, 2010

Artwork by Ken Roth

Ken Roth is an artist whose paintings are filled with rich color and light on the landscape and figure.  Born in San Diego, CA in 1966, Roth developed a love of the outdoors and seeks to capture nature’s harmonies in his paintings.  Ken studied under Spanish master Sebastian Capella, whose painting theories have had a profound influence on Roth’s work.  Galleries, Art Consultants and Interior Designers represent Ken and have showcased his work in commercial establishments, residential spaces, and private collections. In Central Oregon, Ken’s work is featured at Jack Nicklaus’ Premiere course Pronghorn and at the Caldera Springs Resort in Sunriver.  To learn more about Ken Roth and his work, visit

Art and Wine Auction-Kevin and Belinda Fulton

May 6th, 2010

Rainbows in Grass by Kevin and Belinda Fulton

Growing up in New Mexico, Kevin dreamed of someday being a glass blower after seeing the glass blowing factories in Juarez, Mexico.  After an inspirational trip to Europe in 1973, he pursued his dream and studied art at the University of New Mexico, then on to Central Washington University to get his BA in Glassblowing in 1980.  He and Belinda moved to Bend that year and built their hot glass studio where they continue to work as a team.  Kevin’s work is primarily sculptural with an aquatic theme.  The sculpture made for this year’s auction is one of their signature river grass and fish scenes.  Each part is sculpted separately with molten glass from the furnace and then assembled later using cold working techniques.   They have created numerous public and private installations, their work can be found in galleries and collections across the nation.  They can be contacted through their website:

Art and Wine Auction-Vicki Shuck

May 4th, 2010

Morning Practice at the High Desert Classic by Vicki Shuck

Vicki Shuck has worked professionally in fine art and illustration for thirty-five years.  She received her BA in Art from Oregon State University in 1975 and went on to exhibit her paintings and drawings from that time to the present throughout the US.  Her artwork is in numerous private collections in this country, Canada and Western Europe. 

Shuck also illustrates for various book publishers and teaches drawing, printmaking and painting to all ages.  Along with her husband, artist Gary Vincent, and their dog, Tobey, she makes her home in Bend, Oregon.

Art and Wine Auction-Greg Congleton

May 3rd, 2010

Heavy Laden by Greg Congleton

Greg was raised on a cattle ranch in Paulina, OR in a family of artists and engineers.  He always loved to draw and build things.  Greg says “That’s my view of sculpture – creating lines of definition and motion in 3D.  My artwork is a natural progression of some fundamental tenants of my previous career in home building.  The best projects have both creative architecture and sound engineering.  In the sculptural work I do those attributes manifest themselves as creativity coupled with craftsmanship.  One without the other is not as effective.  Raw, undisciplined creativity by itself rarely produces excellence – yet tedious craftsmanship without the spark of ingenuity is boring to me.” 

Greg’s piece, Heavy Laden, was modeled after Dave Hatfield, owner of 3456 Café at the airport in Redmond.

Don’t forget to get a ticket to the 18th Annul Art and Wine Auction, this Friday May 7th.