Art and Wine Auction-Greg Congleton

May 3rd, 2010

Heavy Laden by Greg Congleton

Greg was raised on a cattle ranch in Paulina, OR in a family of artists and engineers.  He always loved to draw and build things.  Greg says “That’s my view of sculpture – creating lines of definition and motion in 3D.  My artwork is a natural progression of some fundamental tenants of my previous career in home building.  The best projects have both creative architecture and sound engineering.  In the sculptural work I do those attributes manifest themselves as creativity coupled with craftsmanship.  One without the other is not as effective.  Raw, undisciplined creativity by itself rarely produces excellence – yet tedious craftsmanship without the spark of ingenuity is boring to me.” 

Greg’s piece, Heavy Laden, was modeled after Dave Hatfield, owner of 3456 Café at the airport in Redmond.

Don’t forget to get a ticket to the 18th Annul Art and Wine Auction, this Friday May 7th.

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