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Collaboration in the Community Fosters Results

July 8th, 2011

When Deschutes Children’s Foundation started 21 years ago, it was in response to a clear community need for a “one-stop” facility for human service programs directly serving children and families. Over this 21 year span, Deschutes Children’s Foundation has managed five facilities and currently manages four campuses in Bend, Redmond and La Pine. The 26 campus programs are able to save, collectively, over $800,000 every year due to the rent-free space they receive from Deschutes Children’s Foundation. While this clear impact to the bottom line is incredibly beneficial to these programs, it is the collaboration and efficiency that fosters improved results.

The benefit of efficiency and collaboration to clients is of the greatest importance. Program client, Tasha, says:

We’re a low income family and there are times we don’t have the money for gas, or don’t have the availability to have a vehicle that’s ready for meand 5 children. The likelihood to be able to find that many places on my own isn’t really that great anyways, and being able to visit that many organizations in one building is unbelievably perfect. I couldn’t do it if I had to find them all separately.

When clients can have increased access to service programs, they are in a better position to get the help and support they need quicker and easier. The result is clients devoting less time to getting their needs met and putting more time into taking care of themselves and their family. There is nothing harder for a wage earner to have to miss multiple days of work or spend time going from office to office to receive support.

The benefit of collaboration also yields positive results with the programs. Says Julie Lyche, Program Director of Family Access Network:

One of the really nice things about being co-located with other non-profits is that we’re able to walk down the hall and talk to groups about issues with families, and as a family comes to us and needs services, we can immediately help them. By being able to have facility fees that are very low, by being able to share a copy machine, by being able to share a scanner – those are the kinds of things that don’t sound too exciting. Really, our bottom line is benefitted by that, and it directly helps us push more of that money toward the families which is ultimately what we want to be doing.

Collaboration between programs creates mutually beneficial opportunities for sharing resources, referring clients and getting support on difficult cases. Many of the programs on Deschutes Children’s Foundation campuses have similar goals: to support the children and families of our community. When they work together, more people are able to receive support.

Sagebrush Community Challenge

Tomorrow kicks off a week of events for the Sagebrush Community Challenge. This is an exciting opportunity for 106 Central Oregon non-profits. Sagebrush has recognized a diversity of need in the community and has come up with a unique, but powerful response – facilitate a fundraising campaign for Central Oregon non-profits, then match a percentage of the money these non-profits raise.

We have seen how collaboration can be successful when programs work together on service delivery, but now we are seeing over 100 non-profit programs work together on the most competitive aspect of the non-profit sector: fundraising.

This week will prove to be full of fun and exciting events all in support of one thing: working together to make our community a better place. Find out how you can take part in the Sagebrush Community Challenge and support the efforts of over 100 community programs!


Sagebrush Community Challenge

June 9th, 2011

Deschutes Children’s Foundation is excited to be a part of the Sagebrush Community Challenge Fundraising Campaign. Every dollar that you donate to Deschutes Children’s Foundation through Sagebrush will receive a matching gift through the Sagebrush Community Challenge Match Fund. You have until August 15, 2011 to donate to the Sagebrush Community Challenge Fundraising Campaign. Please visit to make a donation today!

The Sagebrush Community Challenge events will begin in Bend, Oregon on July 9. Here is some additional information about ways you can participate. Proceeds from these events will go into the Sagebrush Community Challenge Match Fund:

Saturday, July 9

Wednesday, July 13

Thursday, July 14

Friday, July 15

Saturday, July 16

For more information about supporting Deschutes Children’s Foundation and Sagebrush, visit or call 541-388-3101